Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Leopard Stripe

Leopard moto: Zara, old-Similar HERE| Top: Old| Striped pants: c/o HERE & HERE| Booties: MARSHALLS

Have you noticed any differences since daylight savings time ended? That extra hour made a H U G E difference for me - in a good way! I'm waking up an hour earlier than I need to,  which is actually quite wonderful - I always need extra time as I tend to run late for everrrything... Now when I leave in the mornings bright skies greet me versus dark ones, this helps to jumpstart my day. And even in the evenings, although it is now dark super early, I get to watch the sunset 😊 It makes me wonder though, have I technically been off schedule since daylight savings time began?! LOL!
This November must be all about trying 'something new'. I recently tried pearl embellished jeans for the very first time, next it was sequin jogging pants, and now I am going for a spin in the ever trendy one stripe trouserπŸ‘€ 
Sidebar: Gucci has the cutest pair HERE ...
First off, I LOVE the fit and flow of these trousers by Rachel Roy! They are so comfortable, I almost feel like I'm wearing PJs! Aside from comfort, they are also stylish and totally on trend. For their grand debut, I paired them with a leopard print moto (that I sometimes forget I have), a hot pink pussy bow blouse, and nude peep toe booties. Yesterday I styled them for my 9-5 with a white blazer, red ruffled blouse, and black  velvet slides. In my head they offer a number of possibilities. In fact, I already have in mind how I want to style them on their next go round! I'm planning to pair them with a chambray top or denim jacket 😎 Although, a black turtleneck would also be super cute, or perhaps a pale pink coat with matching shoes...I just love it when new acquisitions offer a number of styling options!
Over to you Babes, what new things are you trying this month?!
Until next time,

Friday, November 10, 2017

Cocktail Hour

Jacket: c/o HERE | Red & white bowtie: Borrowed from my Hubby| Sequin joggers: c/o HERE, similar HERE & HERE| Fishnets: OLD 
Patent leather stilettos: Similar HERE| Movie reel novelty bag: SOLD OUT

Another thing that I simply love about this time of year: The fabulous variety of special occasion wear available at practically every retailer, varying from low-end to high-end. Yes Babes, now is the time to shop special occasion wear! Retailers are stocked to the brim with fits and accessories for just about any occasion that you can think of. I always stock up on items that I may want to wear to venues throughout the following year (like weddings, outdoor parties, blogger events, etc), as stockpiles have a tendency to dwindle down to non existent after January. 
Today's look is a perfect alternative for a cocktail themed event. Perhaps you're like me and want to switch it up a bit-  out of the typical LBD, sequin dress, or formal suit routine. This jacket gives me a total tuxedo vibe, with a feminine twist by way of a tie at the waist. The sequin joggers are casual yet playful. Absolutely ❤ them! I added in a bow tie, fishnet stockings, and a novelty bag to seal the deal. 
Note: Although I love the fit and look of these sequin jogging pants, they may not be practical for frequent wear. I noticed that persistent friction causes sequins to get loose and fall off. This was not a total deal breaker for me- yet an important factor to point out πŸ˜‰
Until next time,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pearl Jam

Hat: Similar HERE| Top: c/o Rachel Roy|  Embellished denim: c/o HERE| Camera purse: c/o HERE| Tweed boots: MARSHALLS, another cute pair HERE

Hey Loves! I've been wanting a pair of embellished jeans for what feels like forever. I even considered making my own, and pinned several tutorials to my ever growing Pinterest boards. Before I had the chance to test out my DIY skills, I scored a pair of pearly blues c/o Charlotte Russe. They are so stinking cute! The only con: They are a tad too big...If you order these, please don't size up like I did πŸ˜‰
For their grand debut, I paired them with a fun one shoulder top, tweed booties, and a cable knit black hat. As if the ensemble wasn't fun enough, I added in a camera novelty bag which really worked well to pull the entire look together.
I think I still may try my hand at embellishing a pair of jeans, but first - I have to find the T I M E 😊
Until next time,